The Barber Farm BArber

The Barber family has been tending their land for 6 generations in the heart of the Schoharie Valley. Learning from experience has taught them how to build and maintain the natural systems within the soil, which gives their homegrown vegetables the incredible flavor that repeatedly draws customers from all over New York, as well as from Connecticut and New Jersey.

Some of the products that Barber’s Farm offers are hardy mums, ornamentals, crisp apples, sweet cider, potatoes, squash, and onions along with 50 different types of vegetables. U-Pick fields open in August.

Berlin's Best Nursery

We are a greenhouse range in upstate Berlin NY growing hydroponic lettuces, basil, watercress, heirloom tomatoes and regular tomatoes. 

Blue Star Farm

Susan and Mark have been involved with organic farming for many years, which requires hard work, commitment, and, of course, a love for farming. Their reward is harvesting a variety of fresh, organic produce that customers love. 

Vegetables and herbs from Blue Star Farm are certified naturally grown, and therefore, all produce is exclusively organic. The crops are herbicide and pesticide-free. Blue Star Farm uses compost, natural rock minerals, and mulches to fortify the soils, along with crop rotation and green manures. Blue Star Farm’s practices and produce are evaluated by specialists from Cornell Cooperative Extension, and Blue Star Farm participates in peer-to-peer reviews in which local farmers evaluate each other’s practices in growing organic produce.

An Interview with Susan Decker:

Sue decker

“To own and run a farm, you have to love farming,”  states Blue Star Farm owner Susan Decker. Susan and her husband Mark began the search for farm property over 3 years ago. They looked at several locations but when they found property in Stuyvesant, they knew they had found the perfect property, and thus Blue Star Farm was created. They continue to love the business of producing organic, fresh vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers. They have 2 locations – one in Stuyvesant, their homestead, and one in Kinderhook.   Blue Star Farm has 7 acres in production.

When asked about the number of different variety of produce, Susan chuckled as Blue Star Farm produces 130 different varieties of vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers.  Her favorite variety includes seasonal produce with tomatoes being at the top of the list. However, Susan explained that she has many favorites and she loves to experiment with different varieties. It can be challenging but she states, “It’s worth it to grow a variety of produce.” This year, Blue Star Farm is growing ginger, and Susan is looking forward to the finished product.

Blue Star Farm sells to 2 different farmer’s markets. They participate in the Hudson Farmer’s Market, held on Saturday’s from 9 am – 1 pm. They also participate in the Red Barn Roadside Market in Ghent which is held on Friday evenings from 4pm – 7pm. Susan loves the immediate feedback she receives from the customers–people are so appreciative of the farmers bringing the produce to these markets. She has regular customers at the markets, who she enjoys talking with about the produce and the upcoming greens and vegetables.

Blue Star Farm does not participate in a CSA. However, it does have a number of wholesale customers including Field Goods, Inc., and the Kripalu Center in Lee, Massachusetts. Blue Star Farm also sells produce to area restaurants and caterers.

To learn more about blue Star Farm, visit the website at  Blue Star Farm is located in Stuyvesant, NY.

Bread Alone 1

In 1983, Bread Alone Bakery started with one goal in mind: To bake wholesome and organic bread on the hearth of a wood-fired brick oven. Bread Alone Bakery, Café & Restaurants continues their commitment to this mission, creating each artisan loaf by hand every day from little more than organic whole grains, water and salt. The organic grains are grown in New York, the Midwest and Canada. Many of the dairy products are from local farms, and much of their fruit is picked seasonally from local orchards and then canned or frozen for year-round use.

Dan Leader moved his family to the Catskill Mountains in 1983 with the dream of building a wood-fired, brick oven bread bakery and establishing a healthy life. Having been inspired by the ‘back-to-the-land’ movement through such great thinkers as Krishnamurti, Fukuoka’s One Straw Revolution and most importantly, Helen and Scott Nearing, Bread Alone Bakery blossomed in the rural town of Boiceville, NY.

Bread Alone Bakery currently bakes both organic whole grain breads and all natural, hand-made pastries in its main bakery. They also own three cafés in the Hudson Valley.

Bulich Mushroom FarmBulich

Bulich Mushroom farm is the only cultivated mushroom farm in NY, spanning 700 acres in Catskill. Mushrooms are organically grown (though not certified) in temperature controlled barns indoors. Bulich Farm features white buttons, cremini, oysters, and shitake mushrooms.