photo of a watermelonAbout Our Products

We offer super local produce subscriptions and single week deliveries. Each weekly delivery offers 6-8 different fresh, local produce items. We always enjoy the harvest's weekly surprise! Our farmers pride themselves on growing the best tasting varieties, many of which are not available in the grocery store.

Our products have superior taste, freshness and nutrition thanks to the care and farming methods of our small farmers.

We deliver all year. 

Winter products include a surprising and delightful array of frozen produce, mushrooms, apples, root veggies (potatoes, carrots, cabbage, winter squash), greenhouse products, and more…

Subscription Products

We offer 3 Fruit and Vegetable subscriptions as well as bread, cheese, pasta, herbs, yogurt and fruit:

  • Small Fruit and Vegetable Subscriptions: $20/week, designed for 1 to 2 people
  • Standard Fruit and Vegetable Subscriptions: $25/week, designed for 2-3 people
  • Family Fruit and Vegetable Subscription: $30/week, designed for 3-5 people 

Sample Standard-size Vegetable Subscription Deliveries

Week in June

Week in August

Week in October

Week in December

Cherries (1 quart)

Celery (1 bunch)

Watermelon Radishes (1 pound )

Frozen Corn (1 bag)

Rainbow Swiss Chard (1 bunch)

Frying Peppers (1.5 pounds)

Arugula (2 bunches)

Frozen Blueberries (1 bag)

Orange Beets (1 bunch)

Easter Egg Radishes (1 bunch)

Mixed Kale Bunch (1 bunch)

Spinach (2 bunches)

Spicey Salad Mix (1 pound)

Fingerling Potatoes (2.5 pounds)

Celery Root (1.5-2 pounds)

Puple Top turnips (1 bunch)

Sugar Snap Peas ( 1 pound)

Curly Parsley (1 bunch)

Leeks (1 bunch)

Red Beets (1 bunch)

Heirloom Tomatoes  (1 pound)

Bosc Pears (1.5 -2 pounds)

Jona Gold Apples 

White Peaches (2.5 pounds)

Broccoli (1 pound)