Corn, How Not to Cook It

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raw sweet cornThis week, we are delivering super sweet, super fresh corn. Holmquest Farm and Barber’s Farm grow these particular varieties because they are super sweet and frankly taste more like candy corn than the regular stuff. The corn has a short shelf life, which is why you won’t find them in the grocery stores. Eat them as soon as possible.

We’d like to suggest that you try eating the corn raw…just take a bite or cut the kernels from the cob. If you are inclined to cook the corn, just drop it in boiling water for a minute or two. But, honestly we’d really recommend going raw.


This Week’s Field Goods Favorite
Super Sweet Yellow Corn

super sweet cornAs stated above, we highly recommend eating these raw! With that being said, we also love fresh summer corn right off the grill or tossed in a salad. For a super easy summer salad, toss with diced cucumbers and tomatoes, then drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice. Add red onion or garlic and an herb like basil or mint. More info

Garlic Corn on the Cob
Roasted Summer Corn Salad
Grilled Corn with Cheese and Lime
Mexican Street Corn

Two Very Special Items: Shishito and Clapps

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Roasted Spicy Shishito Peppers with Dipping SauceShishito Peppers are a popular Japanese bar snack and have relatively recently found their way into the US hipster bar scene and among trendy foodie folk. Evidence for this is most clearly seen in the jaw-dropping $21 per pound price charged in NYC (don’t worry, we value them at 1/4 of that price in our bag). According to none other than Epicurious magazine, sautéed Shishitos are absolutely the best thing to nibble on with drinks. In our opinion, one does not necessarily need alcohol to adore them.

Shishitos are mild, thin-skinned mini-peppers. The word is that about 1 in 10 has a bit of heat. Besides the fact that they truly are addictive and fabulous, they also are insanely easy to prepare.

Prepare peppers  this is super easy: Wash and dry. That’s it. Don’t remove seeds; don’t remove stem. Heat oil in a wide pan until very hot. Turn fan on and have magazine nearby to fan any nearby fire alarms…just in case. Add peppers and reduce heat to medium, toss and turn until they are blistered about 10 minutes. Toss with salt when finished. Find a secluded location. Say a closet. Eat about half of them yourself and then share. They are served with the stem attached, which makes for a handy-dandy toothpick alternative.

Clapp Pears (aka Clapp’s Favorite Pear) are rarely found in the supermarket because they do not keep well and have a very short season. Clapp pears are picked before fully ripened. They are very juicy and flavorful similar to a Bartlett pear. Store the pears at room temperature to ripen. To keep them for a few days longer, store in the refrigerator. Clapp pears are ready to eat when the stem end gives slightly to pressure.


This Week’s Field Goods Favorite
Shishito Peppers

shishito peppersShishito Peppers or 獅子唐辛子 are a Japanese variety of smaller peppers. Perfect for grilling because of their thin skin, stick ’em with a skewer and let them char and blister. OR just eat them whole and fresh! More info

Sauteed Shishito Peppers
Easy Sesame Shishito Peppers
Roasted Shishito Peppers

New Feature: Add-on Produce

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marinated portobelloCustomers have told us that, at times, they would like to get more of a certain item in the bags. Thanks to your input, we now offer Add-on Produce!
This week you can order:
Portobello Mushrooms
Fresh Onions
Sweet Corn
White Peaches
Bunched Rainbow Carrots

You will see them in the Add-on Produce category. Enjoy the produce and our great prices!

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms, Peppers, and Onions:
Whisk together ¼ c balsamic vinegar (if you use our condimento vinegar, use 3 Tbsp), 3 Tbsp olive oil, and 1 tsp thyme. Remove stems and gills from 2 mushrooms, halve and remove seeds from 1 pepper, slice 1 onion into ¼ inch rounds. Brush vinaigrette over vegetables then grill for about 10 minutes per side. Cut veggies into strips and toss together.

Don’t want to grill?
Slice 2 mushrooms into ¼ inch stripes and cut ¼ onion into chunks. Heat 3 Tbsp olive oil and 1 garlic clove. Cook mushrooms and onions until soft. Toss with sliced roasted peppers.

How to Roast Peppers:
If you have gas burners, place a whole pepper on burner and cook at medium heat for about 8 minutes turning every 2 minutes or when charred. Put pepper in covered bowl or paper bag for 15 minutes. When cool, cut open pepper and remove seeds and slice. In the oven, cook whole pepper at 450 degrees for about 25 minutes turning when charred. Put in covered bowl or paper bag for 15 minutes. When cool, cut open peppers and remove seeds and slice.


This Week’s Field Goods Favorite
Portobello Mushrooms

portobello mushroomThe Portobello is the prime rib of the vegetable world! Tastes fabulous grilled—brush with olive oil, add garlic or soy sauce if you like, then grill for about 3-5 minutes on each side. Can also be eaten raw. More info

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms Stuffed with Leeks & Spinach
Pan-Seared Portobello Mushrooms
Sautéed Portobello with Balsamic and Butter Sauce
Ziti with Portobello Mushrooms
Sweet Corn Salad with Pancetta and Mushrooms
Don’t have pancetta (who does?), substitute 2 bacon slices.