How Field Goods Works:  Delivery, Dollars and Good Sense                           

Field Goods delivers fresh local produce weekly. When you click on ORDER for the first time you will be  instructed to follow 3 easy steps:


Step 1: Select A Pick-up Site

We deliver to group locations such as office buildings, businesses or community centers. Customers pick up their weekly deliveries at their selected site on set days and times. We do not make home deliveries.  Contact us if you would like to set up a site.

Step 2: Choose Your Subscription

Did you know?

  1. Family-size Fruit & Vegetable Bag:  $30/week, for 3-5 people

  2. Standard-size Fruit & Vegetable Bag: $25/week, for 2-3 people

  3. Small-size Fruit and Vegetable Bag: $20/week,  1-2 people

  4. Single-size Fruit and Vegetable Bag: $15/week, 1 person

            and more...
Step 3: Create an Account