Porto-believe it– That Much Good in One Mushroom!

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You love mushrooms. We do too. How could you not? These portobellos have low cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fat, making them a dream addition to all your favorite recipes. They come in all sizes, from crimini baby bellas to big honking burgers. First wrangled for commercial farming in France, portobello mushrooms have been filling hungry bellies since the 1700s! Our mushrooms are from local Catskill third generation mushroom farmers, the Bulich Family.

Stay Tuned for Scenes From Our Next Episode: We anticipate fresh greens for the entire month of May. Unbelievable, right? You can expect the likes of broccoli rabe, spinach, microgreens, pea shoots, Swiss chard, chives, salad mix, you name it! Don’t worry, though. Just like this week, we’ll mix in mushrooms and potatoes and some heartier produce—Easter’s a-comin’ but we know you’re not rabbits!


This Week’s Field Goods Favorite
Portobello Mushrooms 

mushroom_portobello_The name translates to “Pretty Door.” Not sure what we ought to take that to mean– but it feels fitting. Grown in one of the last fully functioning mushroom farms in the state. You can be sure these woodsy flavored ‘shrooms will be freshly picked right here in Catskill. 

They make an excellent vegetable burger, or grill nicely and hold flavor well. So try them with your classic steak marinade– you may just surprise yourself!








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