Classics: Marafax Beans, Empire Apples, Tomato Sauce

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This week we’re playing all the hits! Everything in the bag this week holds to an old standard, tried and true and just for you. Beloved Marafax beans, elegant Empire apples, tasty tomato sauce… The recipes this week include your favorites, as well as some quirky re-imaginings for your kitchen. All the kitchen’s a stage! There are no small chefs, only small potatoes. You get the idea.

Bean Tip — Soak your beans in liquid to defrost and use the liquid when cooking.  Think of it as marinating the beans. They will absorb the flavor of the marinade… and hmmmm maybe add bacon? Or for the vegetarians in the house, there are a lot of ways to make meat-free delicious!


This Week’s Field Goods Favorite
Frozen Marafax Beans 

Marafax beans, an heirloom variety, have been cultivated in New England for over a century. These golden, full-flavored legumes make perfect baked bean dishes–what better way to conjure up dreams of summer barbeque? You can fashion and rework the dish with lots of variation in ingredients…ketchup, barbeque sauce, brown sugar, bacon and so forth. Experiment with the ingredients that you have and make the recipe your own, and pair with corn bread using this week’s frozen corn.

Some ideas: Boston Baked Beans  and
Barbeque Baked Beans




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