Two Long Lost Loves: Dandelion Greens & Parsnips

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Not just for wishing, we have dandelion greens!

Also, take just a minute to say welcome back to your parsnips! Field pulled, these parsnips just came from the ground. Because of overwintering (meaning they slowed way down in growth but made it through the polar vortices) their sugars skyrocketed and they will have an even greater sweetness.

Fear Not the Dandelion Leaves: Incredibly healthy and nutrient rich. Read more on this spring tonic here.  “Weed” suggest that you cook them…get it? They are the poor man’s Cicoria, a standard cooked green on menus all over Italy. It has a pleasing bitterness offset by the richness of the oil you sauté it in (try the Full Sun Sunflower Oil). Dandelion greens make a nice substitute.


This Week’s Field Goods Favorite
Dandelion Greens 

dandelion greensThe root has gathered a lot of fame for its medicinal purposes. People often harvest the flowers for wine. Plus they have a ton of iron!







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