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This bag has everything. Thank you to everyone who responded to our Facebook post asking what y’all would like for your Thanksgiving tables. You should see pretty much all (in season) you requested! Our farmers are still harvesting away, well into these colder months, so don’t think you can’t get small farms produce all through the winter. Know a friend whose CSA just ended? Tell them to try Field Goods! Support small farms all year round.

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This is a true story! There are few things more difficult in life than to get a BS-hater to become a BS-lover. Vegetable miracles happen every week with Field Goods so get on the veggie-train — woo-woo — just our lovely featured subscriber.


This Week’s Field Goods Favorite
Brussels Sprouts

Brussels SproutOne of the items most frequently banned from kitchens. A friend tells the story of her father refusing to allow long-haired boys into the house. This ban was only second to his Brussels sprouts ban.

Not until her 20’s did she try them (Brussels sprouts) broiled, until slightly crispy, with olive oil and salt. She loved them. We attribute this profound aversion to the simple truth that when boiled until mushy they are gross (as are beets & green beans). For some mysterious reason this was the preferred method of cooking veggies during the time when many of us were young and impressionable. Little did our friend know but her father’s revulsion had a well founded root. Overcooking Brussel sprouts releases glucosinolate sinigrin, which has a sulphrous odor.

Don’t overcook the Brussels Sprouts! Most recipes call for boiling or braising them for no more than 8 minutes and roasting about 30 minutes  Don’t boil Brussels sprouts!  When boiled the Vitamin C content drops from 125% DV to 22% DV.




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