We’re Cookin’! Pt. 2

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Last week we started in with the soups, and this week we’ll chat about that again. But first! Let’s get into this tomato puree. With just this jar, plus this week’s herb & allium subscription, you can easily whip up a Simple Pizza SauceEasy Tomato SoupEasy Pasta Sauce, and finally a rich vegetable soup. The base of any of these is to grab oil (try our canola oil), and cook a lot of onions until they’re translucent. Then add puree, add olive oil, salt, pepper, and at the last minute toss in chopped basil and oregano. VOILA! We’re gonna do a very similar process for that tomato soup…cook onions, add puree…see a pattern? Mark Bittman also has some great soup philosophy you should check out. Dinner tonight? We’re thinking hearty veggie soup, made with tomato, peppers, turnips, onions & garlic. Soup away, sauce it up! You’re ready to rock.


This Week’s Field Goods Favorite
Jarred Tomato Puree 

Pizza time! Simmer up with some garlic and oregano. Tastes like the sweetness of summer. Add a little vinegar if you want to balance out the sweetness.
Storage: Store in pantry.

Simple Pizza Sauce—use your puree here instead of tomato paste and water
Easy Tomato Soup
Easy Pasta Sauce






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