3…2…1… BLAST OFF! We launched our new website!

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Lo and behold, Field Goods has a brand new website that’s navigable and user friendly! Don’t worry though, the process for managing and placing your orders will remain the same. If you’re excited for version 2.0, take a peek and tell your friends!

Six cooking techniques that everyone needs to know (from Real Simple Magazine):
Slow Roast 
This hands-off method (the oven does the work) gets the most flavor and sweetness out of vegetables.
Poach The art of cooking in a flavored liquid kept at a low simmer (just a few bubbles around the pan). A great option for this week’s fruit subscription, our Bosc Pears (how to poach pears)!
Sear A crisp, golden brown exterior on meat or fish signals deep, savory flavor—and looks pretty, too.
Blanch and Shock The best way to preserve the color and the nutrients of vegetables is to boil them briefly in water (blanch), then cool them quickly with a dunk in an ice bath (shock). All of our frozen products are prepped this way!
Emulsify If you find it almost impossible to stop dunking fries, vegetables, or your fingers into homemade aïoli or dressing, then you’re enjoying the magic of emulsification.
Macerate (aka heat free cooking) Maceration uses salt, sugar, or acidic liquids to soften and flavor fruits and vegetables, and can even make starchy vegetables—which usually require cooking—soft and edible without the use of heat.


This Week’s Field Goods Favorite
Norwis Potatoes

norwis potatoesSlow roast with garlic and herbs in the oven. Either way you’ll love these beauts! They’re also spectacular in soups and chowders, mashed up, or turned into a potato salad. We’re willing to bet you’ve never baked potatoes that look like this!

Creamy Potato Salad with Lemon
Roasted Potatoes with Fresh Herbs
Potato and Sweet Potato Mash

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