Fine Filaments of Affection

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sarah josepha hale thanksgivingOn 1863, Sarah Josepha Hale pitched the idea of creating a national Thanksgiving holiday to President Abraham Lincoln (she had lobbied four other Presidents before him). Her argument was that the divided country needed a unifying holiday after the stress of the Civil War. Today, with media replacing muskets we find ourselves with a similar need.

She wrote to Honest Abe: “Everything that contributes to bind us in one vast empire together, to quicken the sympathy that makes us feel from the icy North to the sunny South that we are one family, each a member of a great and free Nation, not merely the unit of a remote locality, is worthy of being cherished. We have sought to reawaken and increase this sympathy, believing that the fine filaments of the affections are stronger than laws to keep the Union of our States sacred in the hearts of our people. We believe our Thanksgiving Day, if fixed and perpetuated, will be a great and sanctifying promoter of this national spirit.” He was sold.

Now Hale wasn’t your average upper class New Englander, she was the editor of the Godey’s Lady’s Book, the foremost trendsetting women’s publication of its time. So now her job was to come up with fashionable recipes that were worthy of the great day. The historically accurate Pilgrim lineup of wild game and passenger pigeons, which were all but extinct at this point in time, wasn’t going to cut it.

“Thanksgiving” Recipes from the Godey’s Lady’s Book

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To help you plan ahead for Thanksgiving, here’s a sneak peak at the week of November 21st:
Frozen green beans, frozen butternut squash puree, parsnips, celeriac, garlic, Jerusalem artichokes.

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This Week’s Field Goods Favorite
Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoesSarah Josepha Hale can help you add some sweetness to your Thanksgiving lineup with this Sweet Potato Pudding or Pie recipe from the Godey’s Lady’s Book: One pound of sweet potatoes boiled and mashed fine, six eggs well beaten, three-quarters of a pound of sugar, the same of butter, a grated lemon rind, half a nutmeg, a wine glass of brandy or milk, or half of each together. Line the dish with paste, fill with this mixture and bake. Sprinkle it with pulverized sugar before serving.

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Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Fries

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