Two Very Special Items: Shishito and Clapps

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Roasted Spicy Shishito Peppers with Dipping SauceShishito Peppers are a popular Japanese bar snack and have relatively recently found their way into the US hipster bar scene and among trendy foodie folk. Evidence for this is most clearly seen in the jaw-dropping $21 per pound price charged in NYC (don’t worry, we value them at 1/4 of that price in our bag). According to none other than Epicurious magazine, sautéed Shishitos are absolutely the best thing to nibble on with drinks. In our opinion, one does not necessarily need alcohol to adore them.

Shishitos are mild, thin-skinned mini-peppers. The word is that about 1 in 10 has a bit of heat. Besides the fact that they truly are addictive and fabulous, they also are insanely easy to prepare.

Prepare peppers  this is super easy: Wash and dry. That’s it. Don’t remove seeds; don’t remove stem. Heat oil in a wide pan until very hot. Turn fan on and have magazine nearby to fan any nearby fire alarms…just in case. Add peppers and reduce heat to medium, toss and turn until they are blistered about 10 minutes. Toss with salt when finished. Find a secluded location. Say a closet. Eat about half of them yourself and then share. They are served with the stem attached, which makes for a handy-dandy toothpick alternative.

Clapp Pears (aka Clapp’s Favorite Pear) are rarely found in the supermarket because they do not keep well and have a very short season. Clapp pears are picked before fully ripened. They are very juicy and flavorful similar to a Bartlett pear. Store the pears at room temperature to ripen. To keep them for a few days longer, store in the refrigerator. Clapp pears are ready to eat when the stem end gives slightly to pressure.


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Shishito Peppers

shishito peppersShishito Peppers or 獅子唐辛子 are a Japanese variety of smaller peppers. Perfect for grilling because of their thin skin, stick ’em with a skewer and let them char and blister. OR just eat them whole and fresh! More info

Sauteed Shishito Peppers
Easy Sesame Shishito Peppers
Roasted Shishito Peppers

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