The Edamame Has Arrived

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bowl of edamameLate summer each year we wait with our fingers crossed for the Certified Organic, fresh edamame (aka soybeans) from Markristo Farm. Organically grown soybeans are fussy. This year they are happy. Hooray!

Most of the edamame in the grocery store (mainly in the freezer section) or in restaurants is GMO. Getting your hands on fresh, non-GMO edamame is tough, so if you love edamame you’ll want to stock up now. It’s easy to freeze; just drop them in boiling water for a minute, drain, and toss in the freezer.

The best way to eat them is to boil in salted water for about 5 minutes. Drain and then salt to taste. Then pop the beans out of the pods. This is a great snack for kids.


This Week’s Field Goods Favorite

edamameThe appetizer of choice in most Japanese restaurants, edamame is an immature soybean for mature eaters, though kids & immature adults love ’em as well! To prepare: boil water with salt, add the whole pods (no peeling or cutting necessary), cook for 5-6 minutes and strain. You can either serve with the pods or peel and pop out the beans to add to salads, pasta, etc.

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