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taco-timeThis week we’ve made meal prep exceptionally easy. Whether you whip up breakfast burritos for the week or throw a fiesta for taco night, you’re ready to go this week. We’ve got black beans (parboiled), frozen bell peppers (already diced, just saute), savoy cabbage (the perfect crunch), and some very high quality, flavorful tortillas to wrap it all up. Pick up some cheddar cheese or Italian style cheese curds. We’re huge fans of the breakfast burrito because you can make them ahead of time and freeze them! No need to rush around the kitchen at the crack of dawn, simply reheat and enjoy your morning.

Try using the cabbage instead of traditional taco shells!


This Week’s Field Goods Favorite
Savoy Cabbage

Savoy cabbage has a mild and earthy flavor with tender, crunchy leaves. Quick fix: Roast thin cut slices sprinkled with oil and red pepper. Savoy cabbage cooks much more quickly than other cabbages. Just don’t over cook it. More info

Creamy Savoy Cabbage with Carrots
Creamy Coleslaw
Buttered Savoy Cabbage

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