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fruit-mixWe have launched the new MIXED FRUIT BAGS with Citrus and Bananas. The Mixed Fruit Bags include favorites like oranges and bananas and seasonal local fruit like apples, pears, peaches, and grapes. Seasonal fruit is sourced from local/regional small farms. When available, citrus and bananas are sourced from organic, domestic, and/or small sustainable farms. Bags are available as a SUBSCRIPTION or ONE-TIME purchase at a slightly higher price.

This continues the debate on how to best support local small farms.

Clearly, the citrus and bananas are not local. BUT, since people are schlepping to the store for them anyway… we figured at least we could get you fresh, organic, sustainably-farmed, and unique items. Thanks to input from customers, our tactic is to keep the items in the fruit and vegetable bags local, and to augment our webstore offerings with staples that may not be available in our region. PLUS, as more and more spirited food entrepreneurs are cooking up fantastic new products, we want to be the place they get their products onto your shelves.


This Week’s Field Goods Favorite
Stem & Leaf Gold Nugget Mandarin Oranges

The Gold Nugget Mandarin is a late maturing mandarin hybrid that is extremely flavorful and seedless with deep orange juice and a thick, shaggy, easy-peeling rind. The segments are on the soft side with thin membranes making them very juicy – have a napkin at the ready.

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