The Food You Eat Can Save The Planet

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CNN how the food you eat can save the planetEvery time you eat you can make a choice to save the planet, and if you’re anything like the rest of us, you’re eating every single day. When you eat you’re not just deciding on what food you want to eat, but also on every little detail of how it ended up in front of you. Before food gets to you, it moves through a complex system that typically starts at the farm with particular farming methods, and moves through processing, packaging, and distribution. This food system accounts for 16% of US greenhouse gas emission. Agriculture, in general, is the world’s largest user of fresh water.

CNN’s “How The Food You Eat Could Help Save The Planet” highlights the power of consumers to be active in the decisions being made before their food gets to them. How? Well, if a consumer in the northeastern United States decides they want perfect peppers in the middle of winter, the food industry finds a way to give that consumer what they want and the environment is left to suffer. Eating with the seasons and knowing your farmers helps to drastically cut down the amount of fuel, pesticides, and waste required to get your food to you.

Everything we do at Field Goods is designed with the environment in mind: from how and what products we purchase and the farmers we choose to work with, to our packaging, to our group delivery at centralized pick-up locations. Want to find out more about how what you eat can reduce your carbon footprint? View the full story!


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