Make Homemade Tortilla Chips With This Recipe From All Souls Tortilleria Co-Founder Joe Bossen

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Ask Joe Bossen, co-founder of All Souls Tortilleria, why he got into the tortilla business and he’ll give you a whole list of reasons: tradition, nutrition, seed sovereignty, joy, nostalgia…the list goes on (and we’ll save that for another post).

Either way, we’re thankful. All Souls tortillas are what tortillas should taste like. Handmade at the company’s Warren, Vermont, headquarters using locally grown, organic Wapsie Valley heirloom corn, these tortillas are as nutritious—and tasty—as they come. They’re made using the traditional process of stone-grinding nixtamal (corn that’s been soaked in calcium hydroxide, aka limestone, a common food ingredient) into fresh masa, a method that helps the corn’s natural niacin (Vitamin B3) be more available, helps its essential amino acids become more balanced, and increases the final product’s levels of calcium, iron, copper, and zinc. (For a more detailed explanation of this process, check out this behind the scenes video.)

Unlike your standard off-the-shelf grocery store tortilla, those from All Souls Tortilleria need a smidgen of special handling. But boy, is it worth it!

First, they should be refrigerated because they do not have preservatives.

Second, you may want to warm them up before using since, when cold, they are not as pliable as the store-bought kind, which contain gums. All Souls made a delightful video showing the latest in tortilla-warming technique:

We asked Joe about his favorite way to serve his tortillas when feeding a large group, and we’re happy to report his suggestion couldn’t be more simple:

“Cut up the tortillas, let them get a little stale over-night (they absorb less oil this way). Toss with oil, evenly coating the chips in a light coat, toss with coarse salt and bake at 350°F in a single layer until just starting to brown and the chips break with a clean ‘snap’.”


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