Fiber: Good for Your Various Parts

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You’re killing two birds with one stone when you fill your diet full of fiber. Your heart will love you and so will your bowels. In the spirit of American Heart Month, we aim to crank up your fiber this week. We have 5 high fiber products on sale to inspire you on your fiber journey.

Buckwheat Flour isn’t technically wheat, it’s a seed related to rhubarb…who knew. Because it is not wheat, buckwheat has no gluten. When baking, you can generally swap about 25% of white flour for buckwheat.

Organic Whole Wheat Catskill Sliced Bread should be a staple in your house. Keep a loaf in the freezer to use for toast.

Organic Wheat Berries can be prepared by covering with water and simmering for about 1 hour, or until soft. You can store cooked wheat berries in the freezer. Not just for breakfast, serve hot as a side dish or cold as a salad with vegetables and dried fruit.

Organic Rolled Oats require 1 cup of water for each ½ cup of oats.

Organic Whole Grain Spaccatelli is made from Hudson Valley stone milled hard red wheat, which has higher protein levels, a darker wheat bran, exceptional flavor and texture integrity, and nutritional benefits. Spaccatelli is a two inch tubular pasta that is a great substitute for ziti or macaroni in any dish.

Fiber is not just from grains! In the high fiber category, many vegetables are serious contenders. We are offering up frozen diced butternut squash, a fiber winner, and frozen green beans and parsnips, which are close behind. Enjoy and have some fiber fun this week. Let us know the outcome…on second thought don’t!

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