Zoni’s Sliders: Gourmet Veggie Mini-Burgers

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Zoni Sliders

Field Goods is excited to announce that Zoni Foods has developed a line of vegan and gluten-free veggie-sliders packaged specially for our customers!

Zoni’s sliders are the second line of products invented by Zoe Lloyd Geller, her first was frozen veggie meals. Zoe’s epiphany for her frozen meals came while attending Yale University. Busy class and work schedules made it very difficult for students to eat well, even for the most motivated. Her solution was to develop a line of frozen meals and foods to help people conveniently add more plant-based foods into their diet.

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After hundreds of hours of invention and testing, she launched her line of frozen plant-based meals in 2016. She and a small team make small-batch products at the Western Massachusetts Food Processing Center, a facility based in Greenfield, MA, whose mission is “to promote economic development through entrepreneurship, provide opportunities for sustaining local agriculture, and promote best practices for food producers.”

Zoe’s passion is not limited to human health. She is dedicated to the health of our planet and very proud that when someone eats one of her frozen veggie meals the planet wins. Enjoying a Zoni meal, instead of a beef-based meal, saves the water equivalent of a week of showers and the CO2 equivalent of driving 50 miles.

“Field Goods has been instrumental in helping us get our slider business off the ground. We are grateful for partners like them fighting the good food fight,” said Zoe.

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4 Comments on “Zoni’s Sliders: Gourmet Veggie Mini-Burgers”

    1. Hi Sally! The protein content for the Curried Sweet Potato Plant Sliders is 5g per serving and for the Miso Edamame Plant Sliders it’s 8g per serving. Please reach out to info@field-goods.com with any other questions!

  1. I was introduced to these, yesterday at Common Bond in Shelton. Cooked up a few today for lunch and they were delicious!

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