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Portobello Mushrooms with Stem
Olive Oil
Hamburger (grass fed)
For every pound of hamburger, use 1 mushroom and ½ onion.

Puree the entire mushroom in a food processor then add onion until chopped. Then heat olive oil and sautee the mixture 5 minutes. Let the mixture cool. Mix with the ground beef. Make your burgers.

We recommend grass fed and pasture-raised beef because in our opinion it’s better for the animals, environment, and your health. Here is an article from the Washington Post that does an excellently balanced job of the debate: “Is grass-fed beef really better for you, animal and the planet?” One of the author’s conclusions is “What I wouldn’t give for a certificate of prudence, attesting to sound management, humane standards and responsible stewardship on any kind of farm.”

miss revolution polled hereford

Field Goods has got you covered there! We know the farmers. In fact, John and Kathi Wagner from JKW Polled Herefords in Athens, NY are our neighbors. Their cows are munching away in the fields about a mile from our warehouse.

We currently sell ground beef and patties from JKW Polled Herefords.

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