The Offspring of Invention

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Peppery and crisp Agbotics baby radish shoots are the offspring of invention. Agbotics is located in the itty-bitty town of Sackets Harbor on the banks of Lake Ontario way up where it is cold and the wind does blow and it snows and snows. Oh! How it snows. Imagine that setting and three young friends – an engineer, a farm-kid & mechanical whiz, and an agriculture entrepreneur – concocting a plan to grow organic greens year-round in Sackets Harbor. Since Mother Nature wasn’t going to add any “sweat equity” to the venture, they would have to rely on their ingenuity and technology. 

What John Gaus, Cody Morse, and Kevin Richardson came up with is an “advanced controlled-environment soil greenhouse using data-driven automation.” In English, this means year-round greens grown in rich soil without the stresses of the weather. In the words of Kevin Richardson, the entrepreneur and salesman of the gang, “our soil doesn’t need to be treated and so imparts a unique flavor and aroma to our greens.” In the words of Chef Michael Anthony from Gramercy Tavern, “The exceptional regularity in pristine quality and bursting-with-flavor, petite sized beets and radishes find many practical outlets on our menus at Gramercy Tavern.”

So, get your fancy on and spice-up your salads, sandwiches, pastas, and – well – pretty much anything else with baby radish shoots.

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