Shredded Daikon Radishes

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shredded daikon 2Shredded daikon is a beautiful invention for the spring. We heard through the grapevine that Stick and Stone Farm, a certified organic farm located in Ithaca, NY had a mother-load of gorgeous white and purple daikon radishes. Knowing the daikon takes on a whole new culinary texture when shredded, we asked our neighbors at Trusted Harvest to shred and the result is a beautiful white and purple array.

Daikons are a very mild radish and in general you can think of them as you would a carrot. You can steam, blanch, braise, simmer, boil, stir-fry, use as salad, or just munch. The daikon is great as is but a honey-vinegar vinaigrette will make this low-carb veggie your new favorite and a beautiful addition to your plate.

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