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audrey bagsYou inspire us to do better. You told us to cut back on the plastic bags. So, we revamped how we pack to use paper liners and more paper bags. Audrey sent her paper bags back asking if we can use them for her next order. We can’t because of food safety requirements, but we have an idea! Let’s replace more plastic bags with biodegradable bags, then compost the biodegradable bags and the paper bags. We’d need to charge a small fee. Please take this quick survey to let us know if you are game.

You participate. One of the great joys is working with small food entrepreneurs to create new products. When you email or comment on our blog about what you like or don’t like, we can help them improve their products.

Agathi commentsYou commit, so we can. If you purchase a curated fruit & veggie bag, you’re making a difference for our farmers. We can confidently ask them to grow specific crops for you, especially heirloom varieties that may not have a market elsewhere. Now, not everyone orders the fruit & vegetable bags and for different reasons. You’re busy and you hate to waste food you’re not going to eat.

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