How Well Do You Know What It Takes To Grow Vegetables Quiz

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If you haven’t taken our fun and informative what it takes to grow vegetables quiz, give it shot. So far, close to 700 people have taken the quiz with an average grade of 40%. Oh dear! Collectively it appears we don’t know all that much about what it takes to grow vegetables. Big shout out to the 2 people that scored 100%! You are in the 1%.

The good news is that you are all but guaranteed to be surprised by what you’ll learn.

The quiz came about because for Earth Day we wanted raise awareness that different vegetables have different environmental impacts. So, we asked a dozen of our New York State small farmers to rate 20 different vegetables based on the amount of water, fertilizer, pesticides, mechanical harvesting, labor, culling, and land they used. The survey isn’t exactly scientific, but does provide food for thought.

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