Cornell University, The Potato Innovators

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This week we are offering Salem White Potatoes. Salem Whites have white skin and flesh with a creamy texture and strong flavor. Their roundish-oblong shape and earthy flavor make them an exceptional roasting potato. In addition, they are moister, waxier, and have more sugar than russets, the most common roasting potato. The Salem variety was developed by Cornell University, which has developed dozens of others. Since the good old standards like russets, Idaho baking, and Yukon Golds do not always grow well in New York State soils and climate, Cornell is on a mission to develop potatoes that grow well in New York … and taste better. Field Goods offers many of these varieties throughout the year including Keuka Golds and the beautiful Adirondack Reds and Blues.

Rosemary plants are also available this week. One of the most popular uses for fresh rosemary is to pair with potatoes.

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