Escarole, Not Just for Italians and Tortoises

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Raw Green Organic Escarole Lettuce

From Roberta, a Field Good customer

“I wanted to let you know I just got my order. Strawberries are the best…sweet, rip and flavorful. The escarole is HUGE I get it for my tortoise but now I’ll start eating it. Arugula is so much better than the market’s, love the roots attached and they are very fresh. Thanks sooooo much!”

Escarole is oh so misunderstood by so many people (except Italians and tortoises). Lovers of Italian Wedding Soup and White Bean Soup have escarole to thank for the hearty healthiness of these dishes. Escarole has a mild, slightly bitter flavor and a big heavy head with abundant tender leaves and creamy, blanched hearts. The inner, lighter-colored leaves are less bitter than the darker outer leaves. The inner leaves are more suitable for salads, while the outer leaves are ideal for cooked dishes.

There is almost no end to how you can prepare escarole: eaten raw, wilted, stewed, grilled, sautéed, as a wrap, and of course in soup. Epicurious has a lovely article This Green Can Do Everything Kale Can Do—If You Can Find It, which offers a ½ dozen ideas for enjoying escarole.

Here is the Epicurious suggestion for Grilled Escarole
“Hey, they do it with kale and romaine, right? Turns out about 3 minutes on the grill will caramelize escarole and bring out deeper flavors you didn’t know were there. Flip it often to avoid scorching, and serve it as the base of a warm salad or alongside grilled sardines or mackerel.”

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