It’s Tortilla Time!

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We’ve got what you need for a tortilla time to remember. Not only do we have the ingredients for any mix of veggie and protein combo you’d like, we also have unbelievably flavorful tortillas. Unlike your standard off-the-shelf grocery store tortillas, the tortillas you are receiving this week from All Souls Tortilleria are super special. First, they should be refrigerated because they do not have preservatives. Second, you may want to warm them up before using, since they do not contain gums.

All Souls made a delightful video of their special tortilla-warming technique:
all souls tortilla

The tortillas are gluten-free and contain only stone-ground local heirloom corn, water, and limestone. Limestone (calcium hydroxide) is a a common food ingredient. In Native American cooking, limestone is used to turn corn into hominy. In addition to providing calcium, it helps the assimilation of niacin.

It’s fairly straight-forward, but we have come to realize that most Americans in the Northeast aren’t familiar with real tortillas. The ones made by conglomerates with preservatives and gums etc. are shelf-stable and pliable at room temperature. They’re often fine to eat without warming up. Traditional tortillas with no additives are distinct from that. You’ve got to trade a tiny bit of convenience to get the better flavor and nutrition. As such, these need to be refrigerated and they need to be warmed up before eating.

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