Italian Essentials

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Italy vibes from eastern US farmland? If you think about it, Italian cuisine’s foundation is a handful of quality ingredients. Lucky for you, we have the essentials for a robust pasta this week. Grab your olive oil and check out our roma tomatoes for grandma’s sauce, fresh basil and rosemary because you can’t live without it, garlic sea salt for the proper pep, Sfoglini pasta as your vessel for said sauce, parmesan cheese to top it off, and pair your meal with a bottle of Lambrusco wine (nope, we don’t sell that one).

If you want to open your meal with a refreshing plate, we’d suggest a simply delicious caprese salad. We’ve got basil, tomatoes, condimento vinegar, and mozzarella from local producers. You just thick-slice the tomatoes and mozzarella, arrange them on your favorite platter, top with basil leaves, drizzle condimento vinegar and olive oil on top, then sprinkle salt and pepper to taste. That’s what we call summer heaven aka paradiso estivo in Italian.

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