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raw sweet corn

We’re sorry if that title is too corny! Maize, which we call corn here in the US, is a leafy stalk with kernels that have seeds inside. Fun fact: while technically a cereal grain, corn is generally harvested before maturity and therefore treated as a vegetable rather than a grain.

Sweet corn is a hybridized corn variety that has a higher sugar content than traditional varieties. The juicy, sweet flavor is what we love most about sweet corn, which is ubiquitous across New York in the warmer months.

This week’s sweet corn from Holmquest Farms is so delicious that we find ourselves eating it right off the cob without even cooking it. Raw corn is also a perfect addition to a summer salad and the sweetness will help balance out any acidic flavors (tomatoes and sweet corn are a match made in heaven!)This Corn Tomato salad is one of our favorites and takes only 15 minutes to throw together.

Wondering what to do with the corn cobs you’re left with after using the kernels? With just a few ingredients, you can actually turn them into a delicious honey-like jam called Corn Cob Jelly!

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