Fall Fennel Fun

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It’s not often that you’ll hear the words ‘fennel’ and ‘fun’ in the same sentence, but we’re here to change that! Fennel, otherwise known as Foeniculum vulgare, is a flowering plant in the carrot family that has endless applications in the kitchen.

The fennel bulb provides a crunchy texture and a sweet, delicate licorice flavor, which is delicious in salads. Fennel stalks are great for adding flavor to broths or elevating the flavors of any fish dish (try adding some fennel stalks next to or underneath the fish you’re cooking). Fennel fronds make a beautiful garnish, and they also serve as an incredible replacement for dill in just about any recipe.

This week’s fennel was grown in the heart of the Schoharie Valley on a sixth-generation family farm. Its diverse flavors and textures will surely provide you with some fun, fall-inspired cooking projects.

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