Custom(ary) Cranberry Sauce

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We have heirloom cranberries from Spring Rain Farm to make your customary Thanksgiving cranberry sauce! Turns out the sweetened version we now know all too well probably wasn’t in the original spread, but rest assured that cranberries have been part of Native American diets for centuries. They are one of the few commercially grown fruits that are native to this region of the world. Highlighting cranberries really is a great way to rep our North American harvest.

If you want to customize your cranberry sauce, we know people who swear by adding citrus. Think the direction of mixing in some orange and ginger. Also, don’t shun people who add other fruit such as apricots or blueberries. You might love it.

Thanksgiving is really your meal to bring people together and give thanks, so let us know if you end up making new family faves!

2 Comments on “Custom(ary) Cranberry Sauce”

    1. Hi! They last 3-4 weeks in the fridge, or toss in the freezer in an airtight container for them to last an eternity (not actually, just a whole lot longer).

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