King Kipfler

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Richard Guardi of Skymeadow Farms grows these outstanding potatoes specially for Field Goods. Richard is our guy for specialty potatoes!

The Kipfler (also known as Austrian Crescent Potatoes) is a type of fingerling. They have deep yellow flesh with a waxy and firm texture making it a perfect potato for salads or roasting. The name is of Austrian descent with “kipfel” translating to croissant, appropriately given since the yellow potato resembles the popular pastry. Keeping to its roots, these potatoes can get big, so if you’re looking at something that more closely resembles a toddler’s foot than an adult finger, odds are you have a Kipfler in your hand.

We also have another Germanic item for you this week… the super special Spätzle is our Pasta of the Week! It is a traditional egg noodle made with local milk and farm fresh eggs.

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