Smoothies vs. Juices

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What is the big deal about smoothies? How are they different than juices? Simply put, smoothies are made of fruits and vegetables that are blended. This means they retain the fiber, while juicing removes the fiber from the mix. Smoothies will fill you up while juices give you an instant hit of nutrients. The downside to fruit-based juices is that they are loaded with sugar. Vegetable-based juices aren’t. A study done by the BMA showed that people who consumed whole fruit as compared to fruit juices had a significantly lower risk of diabetes. Bottomline, smoothies are probably a better meal option while vegetable juices will leave your vitamin pills in the dust.

Some of our frozen items are obvious smoothie ingredients, especially kale, strawberries, and blueberries. An exciting bit of news about using frozen veggies in smoothies: the freezing process helps break down some of the fiber, making it less necessary to use a super blender like a Vitamix. It truly is a fabulous blender that can also be a backup for your 5hp fishing boat motor.

Googling smoothie recipes brings up 1.9 million results. Clearly, smoothie recipe options can be overwhelming. The common denominators are blenders, ice, and raw fruits and/or vegetables. After that all bets are off. You can add just about anything: yogurt, tofu, coconut water, seeds, sweeteners, spices, etc.

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