Celeriac: When Celery Meets Parsley

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Celeriac on TableCeleriac (sah-lair-e-ack) or celery root has a celery-meets-parsley flavor. This remarkably ugly root vegetable can be used in a ton of ways and hold up to all kinds of preparation: Flavorful and not mushy in soup, crisp and vibrant sliced fresh, whipped and dolloped on top of a filet of fish, it goes on.

How to prepare: We know this root veggie isn’t exactly…inviting, but trust us, celeriac is well worth the dirt! While we’re normally more on team scrub than team peel, this is definitely a peel scenario. In fact, it may be easiest to use a knife and slice off the tough outer layer. You’ll be struck by the green flesh and a whiff of that fresh celery scent. We like to slice and add to soups, mash or whip for a new side dish, chop into matchsticks to throw on salad, and even use a mandoline to make chips!

Believe it or not, the most common way to prepare celeriac is in a remoulade. In a large bowl, mix 7 tbs mayonnaise, 2 tbs mustard, and the juice of one lemon together thoroughly with a generous sprinkling of salt and some freshly ground black pepper, so it all becomes one sauce. Peel and quarter the celeriac then, working quickly, coarsely grate it and stir into the sauce until evenly coated. This remoulade is perfect to serve on crab cakes or fish, with fried or baked chicken – heck, the Brits eat it on toast!

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A starchy, versatile root vegetable with a more mild taste than celery. NPR calls it “the vegetable world’s ugly duckling”, but we like to think its looks add to its charm… More info

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Planning Ahead for Thanksgiving

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thanksgiving planning aheadThanksgiving is fast approaching, so we are going straight to the root of the matter for this week’s Fruit and Veggie bags, by letting you know what is coming and how much of each. Since estimating exactly what will be harvested from the fields is a little tricky, amounts may vary a bit.


Order produce items from our Food Pantry Donation category and we will deliver them to local food pantries. From Angie Pender Fox, Program Director of The Food Pantries for the Capital District: “You guys are just awesome!!! Our pantries are so excited! Please know that we had a few pantries who were struggling to get a few final ingredients for their Thanksgiving baskets—and you guys made it happen! We are so very grateful!”


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German Butterball Potatoes

These potatoes are medium-sized with pale yellow skin and a golden flesh. German Butterball potatoes offer a rich buttery flavor. They are one of the most versatile of the potato family they are great mashed, fried, roasted or boiled. More info

Fingerling Sweet Potatoes

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fingerling sweet potatoesSeveral years ago, Adam Hainer from Juniper Hill Farm in Essex County, NY (population 39,000) brought us samples of his “fingerling” sweet potatoes. We tried them and they were absolutely fabulous! Adam explained that a large portion of his sweet potato crop is too small for sale to the grocery market. For large commercial growers, culled product runs at about 30%. He came up with the idea of calling these scraggly babies fingerling sweet potatoes. For those of you who are newbies to Adam’s fingerling sweet potatoes you’re about to enter a new food dimension, which is tasty and helps save the world.


This Week’s Field Goods Favorite
Fingerling Sweet Potatoes

Fingerling Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with Bean & Corn Salad
Put some sweetness on your plate this week. Just bake and enjoy with butter and salt. Health.com has a great list of 25 Healthy Fingerling Sweet Potato Recipes!

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