Italian Essentials

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Italy vibes from eastern US farmland? If you think about it, Italian cuisine’s foundation is a handful of quality ingredients. Lucky for you, we have the essentials for a robust pasta this week. Grab your olive oil and check out our roma tomatoes for grandma’s sauce, fresh basil and rosemary because you can’t live without it, garlic sea salt for … Read More

Cauliflower Queen

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Have you been noticing all sorts of cauliflower concoctions recently? We have. There are so many different ways to prep, cook, and eat cauliflower that sometimes it feels like… what can’t you do with cauliflower? Really, this is a versatile veggie that fits most dishes because of its sturdy structure and subtle flavor. Then throw in the fact that there … Read More

It’s Tortilla Time!

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We’ve got what you need for a tortilla time to remember. Not only do we have the ingredients for any mix of veggie and protein combo you’d like, we also have unbelievably flavorful tortillas. Unlike your standard off-the-shelf grocery store tortillas, the tortillas you are receiving this week from All Souls Tortilleria are super special. First, they should be refrigerated because … Read More

Juniper Hill Farm’s Tomatoes

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The flower blossoms became juicy red tomatoes! Juniper Hill Farm has grown truly delicious certified organic red slicer tomatoes for us. The farm’s nestled between the Adirondack Mountains and Lake Champlain, on the mighty Boquet River in Wadhams, New York. Adam Hainer, who runs Juniper Hill Farm, said that Field Goods enabled him to scale more quickly than he could have … Read More

Green Beans Supreme

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We love Markisto’s Certified Organic green beans, not only because they are so darn fresh and flavorful, but because they always blow away our family and dinner guests. They’re impressive. They’re also such a quick and easy veggie to cook. They cook in under 10 minutes. Then add lemon, garlic, and butter. Done. Pro tip: It’s important to not wash green … Read More