New Product: Hand Dipped Ricotta and Ciliegine

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Maplebrook Farm produces handmade artisanal cheeses in the Green Mountains of Vermont using old world cheesemaking techniques to produce fresh quality products, with remarkable flavor and texture. Field Goods proudly offers these Maplebrook Farm cheese to our customers. Hand Dipped Ricotta made the old fashioned way in kettles. Maplebrook Farm’s ricotta bursts with flavor. Their Ricotta is unique for its … Read More

The Great Scape

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A garlic scape is the best, most useful thing ever! These weird-looking curly thingies are the flowering stem of garlic. In garlic production, they are removed so that the garlic will focus its energy into growing the bulb. Up until recently, farmers around our region tossed them away. Now that more Americans are willing to try foods that the rest of the world has … Read More

Natural Fermentation Makes a Much Better Kraut

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Back in the day, before the rise of industrial food production, people pickled differently. The method used was natural fermentation (or lacto-fermentation or lactic acid fermentation). All that was needed was produce, salt, and a jar. No need for starter cultures since fresh produce naturally has live lactic acid cultures. The produce was washed, chopped, or sliced, and mixed with … Read More

Easy Peasy

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It is pea time folks. Over the next few weeks you will be getting sugar snap peas, English peas, and snow peas.  Rule of thumb. Sugar snap peas and snow peas – eat the whole thing! English peas – pop them open and eat the little round green things. They are peas! This week’s peas are sugar snap peas. We … Read More