Fiber: Good for Your Various Parts

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You’re killing two birds with one stone when you fill your diet full of fiber. Your heart will love you and so will your bowels. In the spirit of American Heart Month, we aim to crank up your fiber this week. We have 5 high fiber products on sale to inspire you on your fiber journey. Buckwheat Flour isn’t technically wheat, it’s a seed related to … Read More

Official Valentine’s Day Vegetable

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We are voting hands-down for the beet to be the official Valentine’s Day vegetable. As a contender for this honor (which we invented), beets have it all. They are red, heart-healthy, sweet, and turn everything they touch pink. But most importantly, they give Cupid a run for his money in the love department. Beets were considered an aphrodisiac by the amorous … Read More

Welcome the Sand Lake Town Library to the Fold!

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Our newest pick-up site, this library is the beating heart of its upstate New York community. You may come on Thursday to grab your weekly Field Goods delivery, but you’ll stay for the memoir-writing classes, art exhibitions, game and movie nights, seed swaps, kid-friendly “Crafternoons,” and more! Oh, there also 32,000 books waiting to be checked out. Show this recent … Read More