Smoothies vs. Juices

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What is the big deal about smoothies? How are they different than juices? Simply put, smoothies are made of fruits and vegetables that are blended. This means they retain the fiber, while juicing removes the fiber from the mix. Smoothies will fill you up while juices give you an instant hit of nutrients. The downside to fruit-based juices is that … Read More

Taste the Carrot Rainbow

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You know how sometimes you’re in the mood for something sweet and other times something savory? Well, if you have carrots in the house you can swing either way. Carrots are truly accommodating veggies. They can be fries, they can be muffins, they can be a slaw… If only we could all be so flexible! The carrots this week are as … Read More

When in/with Rome

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rome apple

Some call it the Rome Beauty or the Red Rome, because it’s truly a red beaut. Rome apples are a deep red and their skin can sometimes have small white dots. They originated in Rome, Ohio and are one of few heirloom US varieties that are now widely-grown outside the USA. Back in the day Rome apples were sometimes labeled as “Queen of the Baking Apples!” They’re a … Read More

Kohlrabi Cuisine

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Star Wars fans may wonder if George Lucas used the ridiculous-looking Kohlrabi as inspiration for some of his creatures (have you seen the new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker?). Kohlrabi is a great item to grow in our region because it is relatively disease and pest resistant, and it’s good for you and the environment. Go Kohlrabi! Here are some … Read More

King Kipfler

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Richard Guardi of Skymeadow Farms grows these outstanding potatoes specially for Field Goods. Richard is our guy for specialty potatoes! The Kipfler (also known as Austrian Crescent Potatoes) is a type of fingerling. They have deep yellow flesh with a waxy and firm texture making it a perfect potato for salads or roasting. The name is of Austrian descent with … Read More