El Súper Bowl Chili Tacos

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El Súper Bowl Chili Tacos | Recipe by Ric Orlando | Food by FIELD GOODS LLC Super Bowl Sunday has become a national holiday, giving families and friends a great excuse to cook and eat — whether they like football or not. This is chili and the taco option is easily makeable as a meat or vegetarian dish and will please everyone. … Read More

The Produce You Crave All Year

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Right now, our farmers’ fields are producing the produce you crave all year. There is simply nothing like tomatoes, summer squash, string beans, and peaches picked fresh. Like wine, the flavors of small farm produce are touched by the quality of the soil. And truth be told, farmers in the northeast need nutrient-dense soil to successfully grow in our highly variable … Read More

Tango Celery to Dance About

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This week’s Tango Celery is a special variety. The Tango celery variety has smooth non-stringy stalks that are super-sweet and very crunchy. It’s definitely tastier and more fragrant than store-bought celery. No part of this celery should go to waste: the stalks are great for calorie-free raw eating or used in soups and stews, and the leaves are great in salads … Read More