Green Beans Baked with Bacon and Onion

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Ingredients: 2 bags of Field Goods Frozen Green Beans (Cut into bite size pieces and then defrost) 1 medium Onion 6 slices of bacon chopped 1/2 cup ketchup 1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce OR 2 tsp apple cider vinegar and 2 tsp molasses 1/4 cup brown sugar Instructions: Cook bacon and onion until bacon is crispy. Drain grease but reserve 2 … Read More

Garlic Scape Charmer

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A garlic scape is the best, most useful thing ever! These weird-looking curly thingies are the flowering stem of garlic. In garlic production, they are removed so that the garlic will focus its energy into growing the bulb. Up until recently, farmers around our region tossed them away. Now that more Americans are willing to try foods that the rest of the world has … Read More

English Peas to Meet You

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This week bring us our first round of peas! A rather elegant variety, English peas are easy to prepare and don’t require cooking. If you do want to cook ‘em, use like edamame and do not eat the shell. Here’s a tutorial for super fast shelling. These peas are adorable, bright green and round, so we like to leave as is and … Read More

The First Tomatoes!

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The greenhouses have heated up and the blossoms have become juicy red tomatoes. Bless the Dagele Brothers! Our friends in Orange County and one of the early Field Goods partners, we have been giving you their delicious veggies for years. They’re famous for their black dirt in Orange County, which enriches the vegetables and makes growing especially fun. Their greenhouses … Read More

The British Are Coming

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English cucumbers may not sound familiar to you, but you’ve definitely crunched through one! These long, thin-skinned, and nearly seedless cukes are usually wrapped in plastic at the grocery store. We love them because you don’t need to peel, and you won’t get any complaints from the picky eaters if the skin stays on. These cukes are sweeter than your … Read More