It’s So Sweet Corn

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This week’s frozen sweet corn, like all our frozen produce, is harvested during the growing season from our farms and then travels close by to The Farm Bridge in Kingston, NY for their special flash freezing process. The Farm Bridge uses Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) technology to ensure we get the highest quality frozen product. IQF involves tossing prepped veggies on … Read More

Brilliant Brussels Sprouts

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We just cannot understand why people don’t LOVE Brussels sprouts. Doing some quick armchair psychology, it seems like the problems must have begun in childhood… back when well-meaning parents boiled all of the veggies and Brussels sprouts became their worst selves. Who wants a soggy sprout? So consider it a lesson learned and don’t boil these! Instead, try out some … Read More

Crossed Kale Sprouts

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Kale sprouts were developed by crossing kale and Brussels sprouts using non-GMO breeding methods. Sometimes referred to as Lollipop Kale or Kalettes, these sprouts grow on a stalk and produce cool little buds of purpleish kale. Crazy, right? We’ve been waiting all year for these certified organic babies, grown specially for us by Juniper Hill Farm! Treat them as you would Brussels … Read More

Perfect Pie Pumpkin

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A pie pumpkin, and pumpkins in general, are part of the winter squash family and can be used interchangeably with many different winter squash varieties. There are dozens of varieties of pumpkins ranging in color from near-white to orange to green, too. Varieties that are best used for cooking are generally called sweet pumpkins or pie pumpkins. If you want … Read More

Radiant Watermelon Radish

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If you have never seen watermelon radishes before, you might think that they aren’t real. How mother nature managed to make this combo of radiant pink and green colors appear in a radish… a real mystery! Festive and mild, this radish will truly make your crudités platter pop. Super Quick Pickle: Using a sharp knife or mandoline, thinly slice your … Read More