Zoni’s Sliders: Gourmet Veggie Mini-Burgers

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Zoni Sliders

Field Goods is excited to announce that Zoni Foods has developed a line of vegan and gluten-free veggie-sliders packaged specially for our customers! Zoni’s sliders are the second line of products invented by Zoe Lloyd Geller, her first was frozen veggie meals. Zoe’s epiphany for her frozen meals came while attending Yale University. Busy class and work schedules made it very … Read More

Meet the Farmers: The Latremores, of Pine Ridge Farm in Chazy, NY

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FARM: Pine Ridge Farm WHERE: Chazy, NY PRODUCT: Free-range, Certified Humane, Certified Organic eggs Curtis Latremore never thought he’d end up a chicken farmer. See, Curtis has three children, and his middle child, Kegan, was born with autism. As Kegan reached his early 20s, Curtis and and his wife Lori began to consider how their son might make a living. … Read More

Studly Muffins: Organic, Bakery-Quality Muffins at Home

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The end result of the current juicing craze? Approximately 175,000 tons of pulp dumped in landfills—each year—where the rotting stuff emits some 200,000 tons of methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. So if you’re at all concerned about the dangerously freezing temperatures wreaking havoc across the country right now, you might want to consider eating the … Read More