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A Study published by The Sage Colleges Nutrition Department
in the Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition


In October 2018, the Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition published a diet study by Dr. Rayane AbuSabha & Meaghan Gargin from The Sage Colleges Nutrition Department entitled Subscription to a Fresh Produce Delivery Program Increases Intake and Variety of Vegetables at no Added Cost to Customers.

The study was based on the evaluation of the Field Goods Fruit and Vegetable Bag subscription products. The product is delivered to employees at their workplace, most often as part of employers’ workplace wellness initiatives. By offering reasonably priced, high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables from small and local farms, coupled with the convenience of workplace delivery and curated subscription, Field Goods Fruit and Vegetable Bags improve diet and may decrease monthly grocery bills.

From the October 2018 Study conducted
by The Sage Colleges Nutrition Department


Field Goods® is a subscription-based, weekly delivery service of fresh produce that operates year-round. To determine the impact of program subscription on diet quality, new customers were asked to complete a survey that included a fruit and vegetable semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaire at baseline and again at 3–5 months after their first purchase. Grocery shopping habits, satisfaction with their own diet and their family’s diet were also assessed. Findings revealed a significant increase in satisfaction with program subscribers’ diet quality and their family’s diet quality (P < 0.001) at follow-up. Subscribers who ordered bags weekly (n = 105) reported consuming five more servings of vegetables per week compared to baseline (P = 0.05) and saving approximately $20 per month. A weekly subscription to a fresh produce delivery program may be an effective intervention to improve vegetable intake and variety in adults without adding undue costs to participants.

From the October 2018 Study conducted
by The Sage Colleges Nutrition Department


  • After just three months, about 40% of Field Goods customers reported that they were eating healthier, and eating more produce than before they started ordering from Field Goods.

  • People were eating more servings of farm fresh produce. After joining Field Goods, customers reported that the total servings of vegetables they ate increased 10% to 55 servings of vegetables per week. By way of comparison, the CDC reports that the national average comsumption of vegetables is 11.2 servings a week. The Harvard Nurses Health Study showed that people who averaged 56 or more servings a week of fruits and vegetables were 30% less likely to have a heart attack or stroke. Individuals who ate more than 35 servings of fruits and vegetables per week had roughly a 20% lower risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.

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  • Customers were eating a greater variety of fruits and vegetables. No single fruit or vegetable provides all of the nutrients you need to be healthy. The key lies in the variety of different vegetables and fruits that you eat. Field Goods customers increased the variety of the types of vegetables/fruits they ate, adding on average two new vegetable categories to their diet.

  • After shopping with Field Goods for just 3 months, the percentage of subscribers were extremely satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of their diet, particularly with the amount of vegetables they ate, which increased by 50%

  • For subscribers with children, Field Goods study shows a significant satisfaction with the quality of their family's diet. When first surveyed 84% of respondents felt their diet needed improvement; after just 3 months this dropped by over 20%

  • Fewer trips to the grocery store. Regular Field Goods subscribers are able to eliminate about 1 trip to the grocery store per month.

  • Less money is spent on food. Weekly Field Goods subscribers spend about $20 less per month on groceries.

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