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Email with the code “EARTHDAY” and we will credit your account $10. This offer is for new customers only and expires 4/30/18.

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Why Field Goods?

Support Farms

“Our business would not be 1/10th of what it is without Field Goods.”
“Thank you for helping to make my farm profitable.”
“Love what you do for farmers.”

Change How You Eat

Our customers eat 5 times more produce per week than average. After three months, 50% of Field Goods customers reported that they were more satisfied with their fruit and vegetable consumption.

Make a Difference

We are a certified New York State Women-owned Business and recognized with the Statewide National Disability Employment Awareness Month award for hiring workers with disabilities.

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Going on vacation? Put your subscription on hold until you return. Too many veggies? Change your bag size to something that works for you. Want extras? Add fresh local cheese, bread, pasta, butter, and more. Choose weekly or bi-weekly. It’s easy to manage your account!

5 Reasons Field Goods Changes the Way You Eat

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