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“A few of my co-workers had been getting deliveries forever, so I finally joined. My first delivery was last week and I have enjoyed everything I got! Delicious, fresh produce. The yogurt is some of the best yogurt I've had in a long time. Totally worth the money!!”
Meaghan, Flynn

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Farm Fresh Produce from
Letterbox Collective in Hudson, NY

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No cost, no fuss, and easy to begin. Employees can order a variety of seasonal produce, select a curated weekly bag, or add on local items as they wish. We will deliver to your office weekly!

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Employer Program

Employers select how much they contribute to employees' weekly purchase of healthy food. Employers also choose how long the program will be offered, and what products are eligible for a discount.

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Snack Packs

We have healthy snack packs ready for you to order. Our snack selection includes allergen-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and additional vegan options.
Plus anything farm fresh!

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We work with hundreds of businesses. From big to small, we do it all!

Business Feedback

Donna Williams + Susan Poission-Dollar
with Deborah Wilder, VP of HR at Beech-Nut

"We have tried dozens of wellness programs and none have come close to the popularity and impact of Field Goods, particularly on our culture. We actually have people talking excitedly about vegetables in the hallways."
Carol Gordon,
Director of Benefits at Fujifilm

"Field Goods is a very low-cost way to make a significant impact on the health of our employees."
Deborah Wilder,
VP of HR at Beech-Nut

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