Healthy Office Snacks

Nearly a quarter of employees obtain food from work.
With most of this food being processed or high in sugar,
70% + of calories come from food that is provided for free.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

What We Do

We offer weekly or bi-weekly deliveries of grab-n-go fruit, snackable vegetables, and other healthy snacks. That are vegan, dairy, soy, gluten, and nut free.

You can set up recurring deliveries or purchase as needed.
Turn your workplace into a pick-up site and we'll deliver straight to you.

Become A Pick-Up Site
Donna Williams + Susan Poission-Dollar with
Deborah Wilder, VP of HR at Beech-Nut

Grab-n-Go Fruit Box

We guarantee that you will not find fresher or better tasting fruit. Our seasonal fruit is from local and regional small farms. Citrus and bananas are from organic, domestic, and sustainable farms when possible. Priced at less than $1 per piece!
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Healthy Snacks Everyone Can Enjoy

More and more employees have specific dietary restrictions and preferences. Our healthy snack selections include gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, high protein, and non-GMO options.
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Pre-Cut Fruit and Vegetable Snacks

You can trust Trusted Harvest! Their pre-cut produce travels from their Hudson Valley kitchen to Field Goods, and directly to you.
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