Office Delivery Service

We know the cost of developing and managing workplace wellness programs can add up quickly. Our Office Delivery Service is no-cost and simple to implement. With the added benefit of being highly appreciated by employees as a valuable amenity.

How It Works

  • Employees order through the Field Goods website.
  • Employers designate a climate-controlled location for employees to pick up their weekly orders. No refrigeration is required.
  • Field Goods does the rest. We communicate directly with employees, handle customer service, create communications materials, and attend wellness events.
  • For employees addressing weight loss and diabetes, we offer the curated Carb-Conscious Produce Bag that includes low-carbohydrate produce items (under 15 grams per 100 gram serving) to help support low-carb diets. We also arrange for online nutritional counseling with a registered dietician that works specifically with Field Goods.
“THANK YOU for changing the way my family eats.”
“We love the variety of fresh foods – I have made new dishes that I never would have without Field Goods”

Our Mission Helps You

Healthier Customers
Field Goods customers eat 5X more fruits and vegetables than the average Joe. Produce loses nutrients sitting on grocery shelves - fresh from the farm means more nutrients. Our recipes and tips help you prepare healthy food at home.
Support Small Farms
We source our fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, dairy, and prepared products from folks we know personally. When you shop with Field Goods, you’re supporting more than 100 small farms and food entrepreneurs.
Successful Sustainability
By buying just what we need and donating any extra, we eliminate food waste. Delivering to a single pick-up location instead of many slashes food miles and packaging. To further reduce environmental impact, our iconic bags are reused for multiple orders.

Create a culture of health and environmental responsibility.

We'd welcome the opportunity to tell you more about Field Goods!


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