In 1983, Bread Alone Bakery started with one goal in mind: To bake wholesome and organic bread on the hearth of a wood-fired brick oven. Bread Alone Bakery, Café & Restaurants continues their commitment to this mission, creating each artisan loaf by hand every day from little more than organic whole grains, water and salt. The organic grains are grown in New York, the Midwest and Canada. Many of the dairy products are from local farms, and much of their fruit is picked seasonally from local orchards and then canned or frozen for year-round use.

Dan Leader moved his family to the Catskill Mountains in 1983 with the dream of building a wood-fired, brick oven bread bakery and establishing a healthy life. Having been inspired by the ‘back-to-the-land’ movement through such great thinkers as Krishnamurti, Fukuoka’s One Straw Revolution and most importantly, Helen and Scott Nearing, Bread Alone Bakery blossomed in the rural town of Boiceville, NY.

Bread Alone Bakery currently bakes both organic whole grain breads and all natural, hand-made pastries in its main bakery. They also own three cafés in the Hudson Valley.