The Common Hands Farm Project is a multifaceted initiative dedicated to addressing local food security and developing greater self-awareness and ecological consciousness through an educational curriculum and peer-led design training. Their purpose is inspired by the principles of permaculture, biodynamics, regenerative community systems, and local renewable energy. They grow to support a local CSA, restaurants, catering companies, wholesale and local Farmer’s Markets in the Hudson Valley and extending down into the city. They believe that, through producing healthy and nutritious food for the surrounding community, young people can discover themselves as key players in a new economic framework. They hope to become pioneers in a marketplace that values regenerative design and sustainability. The farm is located in Hudson, NY.

The founders of Common Hands are Dan McManus and Tess Parker. Dan McManus lived much of his life around biodynamic communities. He spent his early years living with his family in a biodynamic community in South Australia. He moved to Columbia County in his teenage years and is a graduate of the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School. Tess Parker graduated from Weslyn University. After school she lived in NYC to work for an independent publishing company, which she later left in order to devote herself to “the poetry and prose of gardening and listening to the world around her”. She continues to study herbal medicine, healing, and other ways of serving those around her. For more information, call Dan at 518-929-7544.