Littletree Orchards, established in 1973, produces quality apples, peaches, sweet cherries, tart cherries, asian pears, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, pumpkins, winter squash, basil, dried flowers, and gourds. Littletree is focused on providing a hands on pick-your-own experience to the public. At Littletree, their low spray Integrated Pest management approach provides safe, quality fruit in a comfortable picking environment. From varieties to tree size, pruning style to pest control, general layout to hours open — all their decisions are based on providing the best possible experience to all who come out to share in the fun of picking, being in the country, communing with nature, or relaxing with friends.

Littletree Orchards commits to creating an environmentally conscious sustainable U-Pick Apple Orchard, an enjoyable enhanced outdoor setting where family and friends can have fun.