Mapledale Farm is a family farm tucked away in the Taconic Mountains of Berlin, New York. Our dairy farm consists of fields in the Little Hoosick River Valley, upland meadows, hillside pastures, and 3 Sugar Maple Bushes. Our herd of black and white Holsteins produce 100% of the high quality milk used to make our farmhouse cheese.

We are passionate about keeping our family farm sustainable. In 1769, our Great, great, great, great, great Grandfather purchased his farm in what would eventually become the Town of Berlin.

Our farmland is a connection to our heritage, and also serves as our livelihood for the future. When you receive a legacy from previous generations, you want to care for that legacy to be able to pass it along to future generations. This sense of tradition and sustainability has led us to return to our roots and use our herd’s milk to produce local, authentic cheese.

Our cheese is full of flavor thanks to the Grade A milk, our locally grown crops, and a cheesemaking style that is focused on enhancing taste and quality. From all of the Greene Family, thank you for visiting Mapledale Farm.