Rexcroft Farm is a very, very, very old family farm located on Leeds-Athens Road in Athens, NY. It has been in existence since the late 1700s, about 350 years give or take. The farm was primarily a dairy farm up until 1996 when fruit, vegetable, hydroponic, and greenhouse operations were added. Ted, Dan and Nate King run the operation.

While Rexcroft is not certified as organic, they do follow organic pest control practices as much as possible. Most of the pest control is done through the use of beneficial insects and OMRI (organic materials research institute) approved products.

All of the fruits and vegetables are hand picked, hand washed and hand packed. This significantly reduces bruising and waste product. Rexcroft has had stands in NYC Farmers Markets for many years and also has a CSA in Athens, NY and Tarrytown. They sell beef, chicken, pork, and eggs at the farm.

“We eat what we grow so you can be sure that what you buy from me is safe” Dan King, who also works for the Greene County EMS.